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A Psychoanalysis Of Leadership And Action

Don’t we all wish we were extra tough and resilient just so we could rule our lives how we really truthfully wished we could?

Leadership and action

Knowing how to put your Leadership and Action into your business is what this article is all about.

And if you’ve raised your hand at the wish above well… bad news awaits, and you have to get in line.

It’s never easy to be the King of the jungle no matter how trumped-up the benefits seem from afar.

Getting to take Leadership and Action does have its price!

Imagine being in such a position where your actions and your decisions alone will trickle down, onto your executive board, your managers and the little guy at the end of the line.

Suddenly being a CEO doesn’t seem all it’s cracked up to be.

Well it is, and it isn’t’, it depends on one thing; your perspective.

You can learn how to become a leader, you can be guided to take leadership and action, but it’s in your nature whether you should be a leader or not.

leadership and action

OK, so being a leader is not for everyone, and in fact, the vast majority of people will never get to sit in the big chair.

It’s a blessing for some and a curse for others.

And then there is a question: are we all just pre-programmed to fit into certain roles except the leadership role? Can’t we each take our own leadership and action?

Leadership and Action in Business

In business, there are a lot of dispersing factors that attribute your good leadership skills to your psychology.
Leadership and action

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The Stupid Misconceptions And Reality

For some odd and very frustrating reason, leadership is seen as a sexist, class segregation and cultural problem.

For decades our culture has shown those who are at the top to be fat cats that live off the hard-earned cream that the worker bees make.

We seem to also think that leadership is gifted and kept strictly within the rich or upper class.

It has even been attributed to sexism by way of the feminist ideology that sees men in suits to be the cause of all the world’s problems.

All of these are a stupid misconception that in reality hardly bear a slither of the truth.

The reality of the burden that is placed on leaders is quite distressing even to contemplate as if it were you in those shoes.

It’s not all about people putting their feet up on desks smoking a big fat cigar. Leadership in business means you are no longer a normal human being.

The Downside of Leadership

Sure, you walk among us, but you are no longer subject or allowed to even choose normal working hours.

Your life in actual fact is now controlled by your work and only your work. There is no such thing as a late night or a weekend day off; it’s just normal.

You’re Not Going To Be Liked

If you want to be a leader that people will actually follow, you must know the direction you want to go.

And that is whether you work in multi-million dollar company with hundreds of employees under you or a single entrepreneur running your online marketing operation from your laptop!
This first involves knowing profoundly what you believe in.

The Truth About Leadership

There are a lot of a varying character traits that mix with various kinds of personalities and temperaments which can create many different combinations that  can make you worthy of being a leader, and the leader of your own life thereof.

However, knowing inside your heart what you believe and thus, are willing to fight tooth and nail for, is absolutely paramount.

The vicious side to not knowing the direction you want to go in is that you may lead people astray and waste their time.

So when you’re leading a team at work, they have to feel your aura, your charisma, and this is done by direct and concise communication.

The double-edged sword effect of doing this is that you may not be going into details about why you believe the company, business, project and or team should be heading in this way.

However, because you’re commanding and get straight to the point, you make sure you exude a confidence that stops people from pondering all day long and start working on your orders.

Be warned however you should not expect to be liked as the leader.

Just because you know where you’re going doesn’t mean your subordinate staff do.

Don’t try to be loved, focus on getting results and use success as leverage for people to warm up to you.

Disciplinary Action

Wherever there is lawlessness, there is ruin and chaos.

Being a leader is more than just giving your workers a vision they can get behind and dedicate themselves to.

Maintaining discipline within the ranks will avert disaster and protect workers from each other.

Where Do You Draw The Line On What Is Acceptable And What Isn’t In The Workplace?

You don’t want to be a boss that eliminates harmless mischief and fun that keeps everybody’s spirit up and injects a little playfulness among employees to help them bond.

Yet, you’re not supposed to be the babysitter for fully grown adults that can’t seem to get along despite it being in their professional and financial interest.

Sometimes when the case is warranted, you must be willing to hand down punishment.

This could be being made to stay home without any pay for a set amount of time such as 1-3 days.
On the other hand, you might be taken or even take the employee to a tribunal.

This is when the employee has a grievance against you as the boss and wish to be paid for whatever wrongdoings they believe you have committed to them such as unfair treatment.

The ACAS code of practice of discipline and grievances may not be the legislation employment tribunals are bound to follow the advice of the code.

It could work out in your benefit to utilize the code as if you can follow the rules and the tribunal proves you have followed the code, but the employee has not, the compensation you pay can be decreased by up to 25%.

In the guidelines, you’ll be privy to the disciplinary procedures, so you know ahead of time what will be happening.

As you can see, the image of the privileged leader does no one any good.

It can cause fallacies of unfair work culture and put you off from even trying.
It’s not an elitist club to be a business leader.

But being one of the special few that make decision benefiting hundreds or thousands of workers is quite noble, and that is where leadership and action can benefit a whole lot of people.

On the other hand, being an independent entrepreneur might be just what you want in order to actually save yourself all the headache of leading others.

Again, being a leader is not for everyone, and actually, a great majority of people will never get to sit in the big chair, and many others will never want to.

Leadership and action

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16 thoughts on “A Psychoanalysis Of Leadership And Action

  1. This is very true that leaders have to make the difficult decisions and sometimes need to ask you to follow orders without giving you a reason. At work I have an amazing boss – I feel other supervisors should be learning from him, but they are all attending “leadership training” and now things are becoming more and more about rules at work, and less and less overtime. This has been difficult for me and has caused me to feel less appreciated because of having more and more restrictions and freedoms reduced. I still like my job, but I would so much rather be my own boss and work from home with Shawn. Thank you for this great post Orion.

    1. Hi Tara and thank you for your comment
      I feel your frustration with the limitations that “leadership training” is bringing to your workplace.
      I truly believe that work is a place that should be like your home, a family, afterall we spend the majority of our waking life in those places and not with our families!
      The corporate world is stuck in a rutt of rules – of which I am so glad to have broken free of and now am my own boss with the training that Wealthy Affiliate offers! Yey!!
      Wishing 4 Your $ucce$$

  2. Hi Orion, kudos. I’ve been in corporate workplaces and I’ve done entrepreurial…I def like the latter. Not having to deal with all the rules and regs, all the needy personalities, nevermind the glass ceiling…ah. that works! Unlimited potential, all dependent on getting training and tools, that we get at Wealthy Affiliate, and then implementing what we learn – that’s what we get at Wealthy Affiliate!
    Thanks, Orion.

    1. You are so right Annie, here at Wealthy Affiliate we do get all the tools to lead our very own lives to the best of our abilities, and it is amazing to discover how many abilities we DO have, once it is up to us!
      That glass ceiling of the corporate world is such a ‘con’ I so much distaste!
      Thanks for your comment, Annie

  3. Hi Orion,
    you are right it is not easy to be the leader. Many people often depend on your answers. I really like the lion in the photo – but you know they sleep up to 20 hours per day…. and that the FEMALE lions actually do most of the hunting and killings and then bring back the “booty” to share with the rest of the pride…… you know just like families in the real world as well – FUN FACT!!
    You are right of course, management is a blessing and a curse for most people. You can’t always be loved, but you can hope to leave by a positive example and then be respected for how you go about things. I used to manage 15 people and now I am happy working for myself. We all crave different things at different cycles of our lives. thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Glenys for your comment and you are totally right with your fun fact! We are Lionesses!!
      And yes, being a leader is not for everyone, though most everyone crave the perks and attention that comes with it.
      But if a person were to keep their self respect and give respect to others – they’d have the same attention and perks – without the leadership headache! Just a little trick I learned in life =)

  4. Hi Orion,
    Leadership is not easy as your article so effectively points out. At times there are as many negatives, maybe more, than positives. So why do people aspire to positions of leadership? I believe it is to help others perform at their best and to continuously raise the performance bar. It is also to help the organization improve and achieve its goals while continuing to grow. Rarely is it for selfish and self-serving reasons because in the end those just don’t work.

    This is not so different then learning “how to post on a blog … and be an independent entrepreneur.” You may only have to lead one person, yourself, but you still have to set tone and execute on objectives. Your lead into working for yourself online is well done and hopefully many people will follow you to your learn how I did it post. They will be glad if they continue on to learn what you have to offer.

    1. You are so right Steven, we are the leaders of our very own online business, setting the rules to ourselves doesn’t mean we can “let ourselves off the hook” actually the opposite is true, we need to be more vigilant not to fall into a procrastinating, excused filled life – we need to learn to tell ourselves what to do and not expect someone else to do that.
      Though from childhood we are told that this is the way to be…first you parents tell you what to do, then at school the teachers tell you what to do and what they expect from you, then at university – same thing, then you get a job…same thing again.
      Being your own boss, your own leader demands that you take the reins yourself! That is quite a turn around and a learning curb!
      And it is tough! But its rewards are so much sweeter and also can be so much greater!
      Wishing 4 Your $ucce$$ – Orion

  5. Hi Orion, Since I have been out of the corporate world for many years, I sometimes forget what is still going on inside of that bubble. When I work as an entrepreneur in my own ventures, I ask for help everyday from other peers and I am Blessed when the Lord puts people in my path that can help me in all kind of ways.

    Even though I am taking a leave from Wealthy Affiliate for a while to review other educational platforms. The education, how it is delivered, the personal help with real phone calls, interactive webinars and even the ability to get to know the Corporate staff is what sets these different platforms apart from others.

    Also, You have several ‘hot underlined links’ that when clicked took me to someone elses page about that underlined item. I did notice one that took me to one of your pages, but for the most part they were all going away from your website…

    1. Hello Cas, thanks for leaving a comment.
      Yes I have several external links on this post for a reason, they are relevant to a promotion I am doing.
      I am curious to know why leave WA when you know it is one of the best on the the web?
      Wishing 4 Your $ucce$$ – Orion

  6. You’re right Orion, not everybody is meant to be a leader in business. I was a leader once and a good one, but in a very different setting. I look back on that with astonishment, as I think I was good at my job then. I could inspire people and luckily did not have to discipline anyone.
    I am working hard to get back to being my own boss!
    This post gave me some good ideas too. Thanks!

    1. I am glad to be of assistance and inspiration Dianne, that is so great to hear!
      Being the CEO of your own life can be the most challenging of all, setting yourself limits and rules, not letting your brains take over!
      It is not easy but so rewarding when accomplished!
      Wishing 4 Your $ucce$$

  7. Hello Orion, what an interesting discussion. As one who as also done both, I do choose the entrepreneural route. That way I am in total control of how my work life is run.
    The major point is that we still work. We might not call it a JOB, but essentially when we work our hearts out on our own business we also have to be prepared to put in the time and energy.
    That being said, it is so freeing to know that I am the CEO of my own universe. LOL.
    I wish you great success. In peace and gratitude, ariel

    1. Yes, you are so right, Ariel, I’d much rather be the CEO of my own life than the slave to another corporate CEO!
      You work hard at both ends, but the rewards are so much sweeter when you are the CEO of your own life….umm ok Universe!
      I like that =)
      Wishing 4 Your $ucce$$ – Orion

  8. Although everyone has a leadership role at some point in life (being a parent, a big brother…), not all are tailored to be a business leader which is much more stressful and not an easy task.

    In my opinion, although it comes easier for some, every leader needs to improve their skills to be a source of inspiration and get the best out of their team. There have to be clear rules and consequences like you said. Again, not easy.

    Fortunately, this is not the only way to financial/professional success. The online world, for instance, is full of opportunities.

    It really is a matter of pondering which is the best path to follow and taking the first step.

    1. Thank you for your comment Eliane, and you are right we are all leaders at one stage or another in our lives besides business leadership.
      I totally agree with you that the online world is a world full of opportunities – and there, one needs to be able to lead himself/herself in all aspects of life – both personal and professional, what a great challenge!
      Wishing 4 Your $ucce$$

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