You asked: How do you say none of your business rudely?

How do you say none of your business in a rude way?

–That’s none of your business! = Mind your own business! = Never you mind! = Fxxk/back off!

Is it rude to say none of my business?

Now these two phrases: it’s none of your business and mind your own business are slightly rude when said directly to the person. So this is something you only want to use with very good friends or perhaps a rude stranger who is making personal enquiries.

What to say to someone who says it’s none of your business?

You can say: “I’d prefer to not talk about that.” or “ That’s not something I care to discuss.” Letting someone know in a CLEAR way that you don’t wish to talk about something is sometimes necessary, especially if the other person doesn’t realize they have over stepped.

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What does it mean when someone says its none of your business?

Definition of none of your business

—used to say that something is private information and should not be asked about “Who did you vote for?” “That’s none of your business.”

How do you say mind your business in a nice way?

There is no ‘polite’ way to say, “Mind your own business”.

Some possibilities:

  1. “This is a private matter between ____ and myself. …
  2. “I appreciate your interest, but I prefer to handle it in my own way.”
  3. “I want to try it my way but, if I need help, I know just where to turn.”

Is none of your concern rude?

They are pretty much the same. And it really depends on how you say it, though it can definitely be rather rude, depending on the context. “That’s none of your concern” would be less harsh.

What’s another word for none of your business?

List search

8 »this is none of your business exp.
4 »mind your own business exp.
3 »this does not concern exp.
3 »this is not your affair exp.
2 »none of your beeswax exp.

How do you refuse to answer a question?

How do you politely refuse to answer a question?

  1. “I’m sorry, but it’s personal.”
  2. “I don’t know, sorry.”
  3. “I’m not able to answer that question, sorry.”
  4. “I’m not comfortable answering this question, sorry.”

What to do when someone tells you to shut up?

Here are some funny and playful comebacks to shut up that will get them back good.

  1. 01“Awww, are you having a bad day?” …
  2. 02“I will not be silenced!” …
  3. 03“Make me.” …
  4. 04“Your wish is my command.” …
  5. 05“Roses are red, violets are blue. …
  6. 06“If you don’t wanna hear me, cover your ears.”
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How do you politely not answer a personal question?

17 Amazing Tricks for Dodging Unwanted Questions

  1. Enlist the help of a friend. …
  2. Prepare a canned answer in advance. …
  3. Use a “bridge” response to change the subject. …
  4. Restate—and reframe—the question. …
  5. Excuse yourself from an uncomfortable conversation. …
  6. Be straightforward about your discomfort. …
  7. Deflect with a joke.

What does mind your own business meaning?

“Mind your own business” is a common English saying which asks for a respect of other people’s privacy. It suggests that a person should stop interfering in what does not affect themselves. … Its acronym is MYOB.

Is none of your business an idiom?

none of one’s business. Not one’s concern, as in How much I earn is none of your business. This expression employs business in the sense of “one’s affairs,” a usage dating from about 1600. (Also see mind one’s own business.)

What does none of my concern mean?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnot somebody’s concern/none of somebody’s concernnot somebody’s concern/none of somebody’s concernif something is not your concern, you are not interested in it and you do not need to worry about it or become involved in it His affairs were none of her concern.