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How To Post To Google Plus – Get Ranked With G+

Do You Know How To Post To Google Plus

Do you blog regularly? Have you got the key to “posts ranking” on Google ?

If you are wondering how to get noticed by the Big G, then you need to know How To Post To Google Plus!

There are certain actions that you need to do each and every time.

The question is, do you know these are? And if so, do you do them each and every time?

In this short post I would like to discuss with you the advantages of getting your post noticed by Google using their wonderful little social media platform – Google Plus or G+ as it is commonly known.

Well it is not exactly little, but compared to Facebook, it still has some pretty big shoes to fill.

What is Google Plus – G+

How to post to Google Plus

In order to understand How To Post To Google Plus First it is important to understand how G+ operates.

It is a social media platform where you can upload either posts or pictures and promote them to your group or circle of friends.

You build your various “circles” from your contact list, usually taken either from your Gmail contact account or from your Microsoft Outlook.

You can also add friends, acquaintances and new people who share a common interest with you.

The bigger your circles are the larger your outreach is with each post – like FB.

Unlike Facebook, there is no “live” interaction as such on the platform itself, though you can have live interaction on your Gmail account in the Hangouts section.

What Can You Find On G+

On G+ you have several options (on the left-hand side of your screen) where you can either search for:

  • Discover new things – when you first set up your G+ account you are asked what are your interests, and according to those you will be suggested topics to follow.
  • Communities – shows you where you recently visited, and the communities you have ‘saved’. At the bottom there is a button to “discover more”.
  • Profile – where you arrange your profile (we will go into this in a moment),
  • People –  you either Follow yourself or those who follow you and you can follow them back or find new people to follow.
  • Notifications – where you will see all the messages you have received arranged in one place for ease of access.

Setting Up Your G+ Profile

How to post to Google Plus

If you want to know How To Post To Google Plus correctly, then the first thing you need to do when you start using G+ is to set up your profile.

You need to show your audience that you are on top of things, what you look like – or what your are “into”.

The quicker you set it up the easier people will relate to you and accept your following and friendly invitation to connect.

So you click into your Profile button, and follow the prompts to place a picture in the circle to the left.

Also, it is advisable to place a background picture in your profile header – something that either reflects your interests, or if it is your online marketing account then your logo or website header.

Make sure to click on Edit Profile button, and a window with your details will pop up.

Click on the little i in the circle to enter the profile editing mode (or just press enter, that will work too).

How to post to google plus

Once inside you can start filling in the necessary information

Site: place URL links to all of your sites if you have more than one – the more the merrier!

Contributor to: again place your URL links of all the sites you will be working with.

Gender, Birthday and more: your personal details, of course.

Your Album Archive: I have not used – so I cannot advise on this.

On this window you also place your profile picture and your header.

Picture Sizes

Your G+ Profile Picture Size: 250 x 250 pixels.

Your G+ Cover Photo Size: a minimum of 1080 x 608 and a maximum of 2120 x 1192 pixels.

Once you have all this set up, save and close that tab.

Setting up Your Collections:

G+ gives you a great tool to sort your posts according to subjects or websites you use or anything that you will be posting on it.

To do so they have a “Collections” section which is a wonderful filing tool – I personally love using it.

It is a kind of categorizing tool and helps Google also sort out your posts for everyone else.

To get to your collections you need to click on the Profile option in the left-hand menu, and the window will open up with the option to create a new collection.

How to post Google Plus

You can follow the prompts to set up your collections according to your websites and interests.

In this above example I have set up only one collection in an unused G+ account, just to show you the idea.

My active live G+ account has several collections, one for each website and one for my personal interests.

When posting to G+ make sure to go through this option, as it makes the sorting much easier.

You can also, once your collections are all set up, select the collection from a drop down menu that you’ll have available when creating your post (see below example)

How to Post to Google Plus

In this above picture I am on my “homepage” at G+ and clicked to write a new post, then I pressed on the “Making Money Online” box and a new popup window page came.

How to post to Google Plus

Here I can choose to which collection I would like to have my post filed in.

Posting Correctly On G+

So now you understand How To Post To Google Plus and you know the technical steps to set up your G+ account and all is dandy.

The next step is putting up your post – the correct way!

Posting to G+ is easy when you know what to do – these are the steps.

Assuming that you have your Meta Title and Meta Description all set up in your website the next steps are:

1) shift+8 to make * at the beginning of your title placement

2) copy paste your meta title

3) shift+8 to make another * at the end of the title

This will make your title in bold.

4) place a “hard stop” | – this you will find above your “enter” button on your keyboard – well most keyboards.

5) copy paste your meta description

6) write some blurb to your audience – about why they should read your post

7) copy paste your entire permalink below this. A preview of your post will show up, usually with a feature picture from your post.

8) Place appropriate #hashtags# at the bottom of your post, make sure you use your keywords in them, and any other strong keywords that suite your post and niche.

9) if you have a slogan to sign off with place it at the end and hit “Post”

10) If you have posted from your home page then make sure to select what collection you want to “file” this post under.

Voila! You are all done!

Why Post To Google Plus?

Well, it is no secret that Google Plus is directly related to the big brother of all Google Search!

Having your posts placed on Google Plus will boost your ranking juice much quicker, as Google bots check out their home turf first, Google Plus, YouTube, Blogger, any platform that Google manages will be viewed first, then they’ll go and check things elsewhere.

So it makes perfect sense to use this to our advantage as Online Marketeers!

I certainly hope this short “How To” article helped you out on your way to Google Success, and did I mention that I really like to hear from my readers so please leave a comment below to let me know if this post helped you or if you have any questions.

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20 thoughts on “How To Post To Google Plus – Get Ranked With G+

  1. This is such a complete how to guide for posting on G+. I know I’ll use the suggestions in the Posting Correctly in G+ section. Thanks for such a great guide.

    1. You more than welcome Steven, I am really happy that this can be of help.
      I know how tough it can be being in the “dark” about these simple things!
      And once you know them you go “duh! how come I didn’t think about it!”
      Wishing 4 Your $ucce$$

  2. I hardly use Google plus, so I didn’t really think about this, beyond having a share button that users can click to share to G+. Thank you for bringing to our attention how important it is for ranking. I enjoy reading your articles they are informative.

    1. That’s great Tara, I am glad you got into the “know” about Big G+ as I like to call it.
      How to post to google plus is another excellent (and important) tool to help us all get ranked better and higher!
      Looking forward to keep you informed =)
      Wishing 4 Your $ucce$$

  3. Orion thank you for your descriptive article. I have used G + but not to that extent as of yet. Looks like I will have to discover the g+ environment a bit more closely. I suppose with the focus being on Facebook, pintrest and twitter I didn’t realize that there were other features on the G+ venue. Huge thank you for this information Orion.

    1. You are more than welcome friend =)
      Google + is the secret Google Ranking juice that any aspiring blogger needs!
      Using it right is real important!
      Good luck to you – Orion

  4. I haven’t been using G+ very much but your instructions show how easy it is to do. So needless to say I’ll be starting to use it a lot more. Thanks for these very good instructions.

    1. You are very welcome Craig.
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
      Yes G+ is very important for some much needed ranking juice.
      Wishing 4 Your $ucce$$

  5. Great tutorial, Orion. Very detailed.

    To be honest, my preferred social media is Facebook and I only use G+ to get that Google juice you mentioned, every time I write a new blog post.

    Do you think we need to actually engage with other people on Google+ to get that ranking juice?

    1. Hello ELiane,
      Thanks for dropping bye.

      My personal preference as far as Social Media interaction at the moment is Facebook too, it is more alive and direct.
      I do occasionally interact with people on G+ but not as much. I used it more as a platform to push up Google ranking juice.

      I think that once a person has established a good base on one social media platform, then one can move on to build up another platform. Doing them all at the same time is too time consuming and can get exhaustive!

      Never the less Posting to G+ is important!

      Wishing 4 Your $ucce$$ – Orion

  6. Hi Orion,
    you are right, I think that it is important for bloggers to have a presence on Google Plus. I think that there is a definite link between information posted on Google plus and the main SERP algorithm. Whenever I create new content I always post it on Google Plus.
    I have not tried the shift+8 option that you mentioned in your post. I will have to do that next time I am on Google Plus.
    I was just wondering what is your #1 motivator for building a list on Google Plus?

    1. Hi Gleny, Thank you for your comment.
      Yes G+ is a great SERP juicer in Google and that is why I wanted to share this on my blog.
      When you say building a list on Google Plus – do you mean a collection?
      If so, is to sort my post according to their respective Niches, and to make is easier for anyone looking for my posts too.
      Hope this makes sense to you =)
      Wishing 4 Your $uce$$ – Orion

  7. I’m really intrigued by this article. It never occurred to me to post on the Google platform or how it would be connected to Google search engine rankings. I appreciate how thorough and easy to understand your article is for a newbie like me. Thanks for a great article!

    1. Hi Stefanie, thanks again for your comment, if you are interested to learn even more contact me and we can chat about what you can do to get the best affiliate course and online marketing course to get you ahead in this!
      Posting to G+ is SO important for your ranking! You must be in it!!
      Wishing 4 Your $ucce$$

  8. Thank you, Orion for this complete guide on how to posting G+.

    I have bookmarked it for reference and would refer to anyone who wishes to know more on how to get ranking with G+.

    Best regards.

    1. Glad to be of assistance and thank you for keeping this for future reference – it is quite a compliment to me, it means “mission accomplished”!

      Wishing 4 Your $ucce$$

  9. I think the importance of anything related to Google can’t be overestimated IMO; I regularly post all kinds of content to my G+ account and am a member of about 100 Communities of various kinds. Of course, posting must be done carefully – nobody likes being spammed, but it’s a great way to build up your brand.

    It’s best to use all the social platforms for that reason alone, not just for traffic, but build up your brand and get in front of people. Even platforms like Reddit, which has users who are super-sensitive to any self-promotion, is a great place to spread the news.

    1. Thanks Derek for your input, you are absolutely right, social media is really great to build your brand but you need to be careful with how you manage it so not to be spamming people.
      There is a delicate balance to be reached with each platform, and each one has it’s own rules and regulations that need to be thoroughly understood so you don’t “damage”yourself on the road to branding.
      Best to build up each platform one at a time, and not try to spread over all of them in one go.
      One step at a time – requires patience – but is very rewarding
      Wishing 4 your $ucce$$

  10. Great article or should I say ‘mini-tutorial’ on G+, Orion. I loved it. You were very precise and concise. Yes, we have to ensure that we make Uncle G happy so that he treats us right in return. Yes, it is not just about a presence, but it is also a learning experience about interaction with other like-minded G+ community members.
    Thanks for the tips and tricks, Orion. And much success to you.

    1. Really glad to be of service Michelle, and thank you for your comment – much appreciated.
      Yes being on the good side of Uncle G+ is what we need to do to succeed here in online marketing!
      Wishing you $ucce$$ – Orion

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