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How To Promote Your Business Online

Do you have an ONLINE presence for your business? Or perhaps you’ve been wanting & thinking how to get yourself an Online Business and work from home, be your own boss?

How to promote your business online has become a critical issue in the business world as well as for anyone looking to break free from the  typical 9-5 world of cubicle hell!

It is absolutely something you cannot do without! 

In recent years more and more businesses have come to understand what an important role the digital online marketing world plays for their business success.

And others simply are “dying” to break free from the time-for-money rat race!

People simply know that if they are not “on the web” they basically “don’t exist” business wise! (a bit dramatic I know, but that is the truth of it!).

Just like many people cannot imagine you not having a mobile phone or a microwave at home!

How Do You Go About Having Web Presence?

Building your online presence can be done in several ways.

  1. You can either hire a company or individual to build your website and do all the marketing work, when you supply the content of your business and your services.
    We do all the SEO research, promoting, building, designing, tweaking and more. We have all the tools available to do it and we know what we are doing!
  2. Or you can do it alone, build your own website and learn to grow your business at your own pace in your own time.
    For this you need to know which program will lead you on the right path with the least expenses, and not fall into scams.

Important Point To Remember

One thing that needs to be remembered, in today’s world people are used to instant results.

They want quick working schemes that make you a success “overnight”!

Especially in the wide world of social media where everything is at a couple of “clicks” away, it seems we have become used and expect to have it all “furiously fast” (a pun on Fast & Furious movie title).

Getting results "furiously fast" in How To Promote Your Business Online
Well folks, I am sorry to disappoint you! Nothing could be further from the truth!

Building a money making business online is time-consuming and slow at gaining momentum. BUT once it gains that momentum, it is so exponential it makes its rewards all the more sweeter!!

Being focused, knowing who your audience is and being persistently patient are the keys to a success online! You can ask anyone!

Who Do You Trust?

How To Promote Your Business Online and who do you trust?

So you say to yourself, “Yes, I want this for my business”. Or “Yes, I want to be my own boss online”, but you are not sure who to turn to. Who do you trust?

This is a new journey, you know its going to take time, so you want to know that the person or company you “enlist” to guide you and aid you in building your business isgoing to give you the best results without having “wasted” precious time!

Using The Best To Guide You

Get Your Guide on How To Promote Your Business Online

You can go on the web, don’t we all do this nowadays when we are looking for a product of any kind?

And look up many companies that offer their website and online marketing services.

You can read many reviews, finding that each company has its pro’s and con’s. Some are very costly, some specialize in certain industries, and some of them are just a nice facade with no real quality or content! (scams).

Finding the right company can be time-consuming and not to mention confusing – so much information – what plan goes with what?!

I am sure you are familiar with that feeling!

For example: Have you recently tried to look for a new mobile plan and gone to one of those “comparison” sites, where they provide you all the mobile plans that provide a service within your selected search criteria, only to find yourself lost as to who gives what…How much data per month? how much extra you’ll pay if you go over your monthly quota? Was there a ‘lock in contract” …. And on and on…..

So finding the best to guide you and give you clear, concise and accurate information for you to be able to decide without stressing out – this is what I am offering you right here!

Use My Service And/Or Build Your Own Online Business

The services I offer you on How to Promote you business online

In this post, the idea is to provide you clarity of mind, good needed information and the best guidance I can provide for your success.
Whether you want to hire someone to build your site for you or you want to be your own boss and build your very own online business, both are here with the product I offer you here!

Personally, I am building my own online business, providing 2 kinds of opportunities or you can call them services.

The one, I am an affiliate marketer, where I build niche websites promoting products on which I make a commission when a visitor decides to make a purchase through my sites.

My offer here is to give you access to the same platform I use and my personal guidance, to build your very own online marketing business, be it affiliate marketing or drop shipping or other – what ever you choose.

The other option, I offer my website building talent & SEO services to those who don’t want to “deal” with it.

I do all the work behind the scenes to promote and get your business rankings and get visitors to your site – all you need to do is supply the content and decide on design options!

Which ever way you choose to take, I will be there to offer my support and guidance.

Finding Your Financial Freedom

How To Promote Your Business Online and get your financial freedom

If you are looking to be your own boss, then you’d be wanting to look at my first offer, where I introduce you to the platform I work with.

I have started using this platform after many searches, empty promises and online scams, and disappointments. Finding this platform was for me a “GOLD” mine!

Why am I willing to share this Gold Mine?

Well, its very simple, what goes around comes around, I truly believe in this, and having you join me on this platform enables the both of us to grow and prosper! What could be better than that?

Your Options

How To Promote Your Business Online - your choices

So depending on your current business situation, I am offering you here two options.

1) Should you wish to have someone put you “on the map”, build your website and do all the “techie” work for you, contact me to discuss it further.

You may want to view some of my work – click here!click here!

2) Should you wish to become your own online boss, then you are invited to click here to find out about the Wealthy Affiliate platform which will open up to you a world of knowledge, challenge and community!

Either way I will have your back!


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8 thoughts on “How To Promote Your Business Online

  1. Hi Orion, and thanks for this post. You’re right! Trying to find the proper way to get a business started online is very difficult. I found it very overwhelming when I researched online. Everyone pulls you this way and that. I have used Wealthy Affiliate and I personally recommend their platform. They really helped me find success. I hope to get so busy one day that I could use your services for all my “techie” work!
    Thanks so much and best wishes.

    1. Hello Suzanne and thanks for dropping by! Yes, Wealthy Affiliate offers a great platform to learn everything you need to know about building a business online. There are MANY courses and ways offered on the World Wide Web and choosing can become difficult and confusing.
      I found that Wealthy Affiliate offer the most comprehensive and affordable course online and teaches you EVERYTHING you would ever need to get yourself on the online “highway”!!
      I am here for you if you need “techie” work!!
      Cheers – Orion

  2. Hi Orion, Great post. We are definitely one of your target audience with building up the Abundant Blogger. I am glad to have joined your team and to work with you to improve together. You have given me so many great tips already. I like how you threw in the reference to the Fast and the Furious – it is so true that we want things to happen so quickly and I love that movie series.

    1. Thanks Tara for your comment, yes in these days and age we are getting “used” to get things faster than ever!
      And when you think that a mere 30 years ago we didn’t have a inkling on all this UX, URL, Permalinks, Google, Newbies, IP’s, Gigas and Terras….sounds like a foreign language yet we all speak it quite fluently nowadays!
      SO now we need all the help we can get – and that is what I am trying to do on my site.
      Wishing 4 Your $ucce$$

  3. Yes, I completely agree that building a worthwhile business online takes time. I get a bit tired of the get-rich programs offered, invariably with a man standing by his Porsche or boat. the reality is the vast majority of entrepreneurs online don’t want millions, although they think they do!

    They all want the security of having enough coming each month to allow them the time to enjoy life, instead of running in the treadmill. it doesn’t take vast wealth, just a few thousand a month gives you enormous freedom – and the best way is online!

    Thanks for the post.

    1. Oh! Yes, Derek you are so right, a few thousands is all we need in a steady stream to be able to live a quiet and healthy life and give back some good to society!
      Having the right tools to create this reality is the key and online marketing can definitely offer this to you.
      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.
      Wishing 4 your $ucce$$

  4. Hello Orion,
    Great article. Yes, our world has changed over the years and the internet has certainly given us options to make a difference in our lives. It sure helps to make the ‘mundane 9 to5’ a little different. Great tips and suggestions here.
    Yes, starting your own business – whether it is online or offline – will take ‘blood, sweat, and tears’, oh yes, and be prepared to make some type of monetary investment. Thanks also for reminding us that it won’t happen overnight but it is just important to take action.
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    All the best to you.

    1. Thank you Michelle for your input.
      Keeping a positive mindset as we build out online business is imperative so to pass through the “blood, sweat & tears” fazes in the best possible way.
      And yes, we are not living in a movie and there are no overnight successes! And when someone is telling you that they made a fortune within a short period of time, they usually don’t tell you that it took them 3 or maybe 4 years of building it up – so that when they “activated” what they build – “boom” they made their fortune.
      Something to remember!
      Wishing you $ucce$$ – Orion

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