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How To Start An Online Business From Child’s Play


What does Online Marketing have to do with Children’s activities?

And even more intriguing how to start an online business from child’s play?

I mean, really, is there any correlation between the two?

And if so, how? What do I mean? Where am I leading to with this?

Well this is what I am going to reveal to you today….ready?

Child, Engage! Social Activities For All Kids – Big & Small

How To Start An Online Business

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For a young child, there is almost nothing worse than feeling left out of something fun.

When other kids are out having fun, your children will want to be able to join them, but this won’t be possible without the right set of skills to help them.

There are loads of common activities out there which are impossible to avoid in the life of a child, and a lot of parents will want to make sure that their kids can take part as much as possible.

To help with this, let’s go through some of these activities, along with the skills you’ll need to teach before they can get engaged.

Sports: This sort of activity has been used by humans for thousands of years as a way to bring people together.

Team games, like football and netball, are some of the best for this, as they force people to work together.

Of course, though, it can be hard to play games like this if you don’t know the rules. Children are rarely patient, and are unlikely to give your child the chance to learn if they don’t already know. So, to make sure that they can keep engaged, it will be worth exposing them to some sports from an early age.

Swimming: Pools have become somewhat of a staple for parents organizing birthday parties and other events.

If your child doesn’t learn to swim from an young age, though, they will find it hard to keep up with the other children, and this will take the fun right out of it.

To help you with this, it will be worth spending some money on some swimming lessons, as this will be an easy way to get them up to speed.

Role Playing: When children are young, their imaginations will play a huge role in the fun that they have.

Role playing is very important, and children will often pretend to be someone else when they are engaging in this.

It can take a couple of years to learn how to do this effectively, though, making it very daunting for children with little experience of playing like this.

To make this easier for them, you should spend a lot of time playing pretend as they grow up.

Cooking: As the last area to consider, cooking is starting to become a very popular activity in schools.

They won’t expect kids to have no experience, though, as this is something parents have to teach at home.

It will be hard for your children to learn on the fly with this sort of skill, especially if the others have had time in the kitchen.

Most parents find it surprisingly easy to cook with their children if they take a slow approach.

Hopefully, with all of this in mind, it will be nice and easy to start focusing on the social skills you build for your children.

During the early stages of their life, they will always be learning new things, and will rely heavily on mom and dad to make sure that they keep up with the other children.

Now, How Does This Relate To Online Marketing?

How To Start An Online Business

I knew this would peak your curiosity!

So How to Start an Online Business From Child’s Play

Well, as we grow up and turn into young adults, this generation of millennials will be much more prone and exposed to online dealings of all and any kinds.

I mean nowadays, babies are born with a smartphone is their hands (much to my personal disdain to this new trend).

Online marketing, Digital marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Online Currency Trading, just about everything you can think of will be made Online and is being developed into the online world.

A great example of how much being online is important, see how the famous chain store ToysRUs has all but been put out of business because it failed to implement a good online buying strategy in their business and thus has been overtaken by E-bay and Amazon in a sweep of a hand!

Being online is the future of our industrial – umm – digital revolution!

That is where childhood social skills are imperative for the future digital revolutionary millennials!

Having gained social skills in childhood will not only will help them develop in a terrific way, but also have their creative thinking, their team work ability, their sensitivity to others, and their communication skills – all of which  get developed with the above mentioned activities.

What’s more, some of these activities are imperative for physical human development.

How The Two Subject Connect

How To Start An Online Business

Sports: Team Work & communication

Swimming: Thoughtful coordination, team work, persistence and determination

Role Playing: Imagination, creative thinking, resourcefulness, diligence and consideration.

Cooking: Creative thinking, Strategic thinking, patience, being able to follow instructions.

All of these “soft skills” are imperative in any business, online and offline.

Having acquired them in childhood via Child’s play is what we need to remember as we grow ourselves and guide our very own children.

So when you think about your next social activity with your peers or your child’s next swimming lesson, think of what future benefits will this provide to you and /or your child.

How to start an online business from child’s play is actually child’s play, fun and rewarding!

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How To Start An Online Business
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16 thoughts on “How To Start An Online Business From Child’s Play

  1. Wow, i am blown away by your article. Very well written and expressed wonderfully. These thoughts bring it all together and is helpful for everyone reading it. I know this will change the way I interact with my grand kids as we play every afternoon, well almost every afternoon. I remember reading somewhere that all we need to know we learn in 2nd grade? Don’t know how true it is, but thank you anyways

  2. This is a very interesting comparison, Orion.

    I totally agree with you, teamwork, creative and strategic thinking are extremely important to any business.

    As an adult, it’s great to think that they are all learnable skills.

    And as a mother, it’s also a great reminder that our kids’ activities play very important roles in their future skills.

    1. Glad you agree with me Eliane – I see that too.
      Thank you for leaving a comment, and lets keep on giving our kids the best skills possible to grow into beautiful, productive, loving human beings.
      Wishing $ Your $ucce$$

  3. Hi Orion, great point that child’s play is important for adulthood. So many skills are learned in childhood that seem like it is childish – but they end up important for later life. It is often fun to cook with young ones at home, making macaroni or cookies and more. Sports are important and allowing your child to be taught/teachable — it is tempting to jump in when the coach wants to make a correction, but it is better to let your child learn from the correction/teaching moment. My kids use to love to swim, but since the teenage years, both don’t like it at all anymore. Heading to the rec center becomes date night for Shawn and I instead. But I sure miss having the kids come to the pool with us.

    1. Yes as children grow they become more independent and do their own thing, one the one hand you can be happy for them to spread their wings and fly, yet we all as parents, yearn for the young years when everything was a family adventure!
      Our role as parents, at least as I see it, is to guide them through adulthood and teach them to the best of our abilities, for when they get to their independence they may make the best decisions and choices. Hopefully we have done our jobs right and they grow to become beautiful, loving, responsible and compassionate human beings.
      Thank you for your comment =)
      Wishing 4 Your $ucce$$ – Orion

  4. Orion, I can relate to all of this. I suppose those of we older folk had a terrific advantage. We played outside with all the other children. There were few hazards so we basically ran wild; up and down the mountains, through the woods (no wicked witches or wizards), in the lakes and streams.

    And guess what – there were no serious incidents other that a few scrapes and bruises and a number of broken bones. All the kids played together and watched out for each other. We practiced all the things you mentioned in this article.

    When we grew up there were not many of us who hung around the ‘old folks’. We were off and exploring the great unknown full of the confidence we accummulateed as we grew.

    I lived in mining camps. From an early age all of us (forget sexism) learned from assorted parents. In the winter when outdoor activities were many, but usually very cold, we often did spend time inside and mums taught us games, cooking of all sorts and knitting crafts. In summer we learned to swim, fish, hike and the like.

    It’s such a shame this doesn’t happen much anymore. I am so sad that many modern people, children and adults alike, are glued to electonic devices.

    Now if only your article could be distributed and convince others to really experience life, not just live it gratuitously, people could again learn to co-operate and mingle together.


    1. Thank you Helen for your great and heart warming comment – indeed we did grow in a fantastic time where the outdoors were our great teacher of life. When today you can see families, parents and all stuck to a little rectangular screen on a family dinner outing – that is so heartbreaking, the children learn that THIS is the way to be – no social skills, no self respect nor respect to parents, so many things are being lost.
      Being able to take from both world and combine them to meet todays digital revolution is the key – the question do we know how to do it?
      Wishing 4 Your $ucce$$ – Orion

  5. Hello Orion,

    What an interesting article and really peculiar idea of starting an online business from a child’s play! You are absolutely right; I don’t see why not. In a way, I believe that every occupation can start with a child’s play.

    Like you said, children are born nowadays with a smartphone in hand. Information Technology for them is a second skin. However, it is now more work for the parents to develop their children’s social skills and engage them in physical activities. Online business frees up morning time for the parents, when children are most active. So, together they can do all those activities you listed in the article.

    At the same time, since kids are interested and familiar with the computers, they may actually start early and help parents with their work as an affiliate marketer, or whatever other online direction. It’s a fun game for kids – help for their parents. If children (and now I am talking about older children – pre-teen age, or teenagers) and parents spend time together working on the family business, it naturally resolves one more problem… The problem that I see in the United States (I am not sure if this is a problem in other countries) is that many older children and young adults have no money management skills. If kids and parents worked on a family business together, there would be no way for the parents to forget teaching their children such an important life skill.

    Thank you again for an interesting read. All the best to you,

    ~ Julia

    1. Thank you Julia for your comment and yes that is what I was trying to convey in this “unusual” approach on my article.
      For example, I got my daughter who is 13 y.o. to join me and she is building her own website, her passion is cooking, so she build a really nice website called – she surprised how quickly she learned it!
      And yes it is teaching many more skills than just site building.
      I think that there is a great lack in education systems nowadays, in many countries, in teaching children about finance management, even if only in a basic way!
      Gaining the skills mentioned in this article can greatly benefit children young and old.
      Wishing 4 Your $ucce$$ – Orion

  6. It’s so true that children learn best by playing. I was sorry to see that my child didn’t have the same recess activities at school that I’d had. No game time at all. I also had cooking in school that I don’t see now.
    I look back on the years before video games took over and those are treasured memories.
    I can see that if I were raising a child right now, I could get an idea for a marketing blog post every day! Whether to write about games, accessories, things to help school work, or a new way to organize their room, – every day demands ideas from parents!

    1. You are so right Dianne, a parent needs to be very creative to raise children in a positive environement and capture their interest – AWAY from the little rectangle screens!
      When they were little – a few years back…I actually limited my children’s time with those gizmos – “forcing” them to be interactive humans with board games…it was not so easy with my eldest son who was “hooked” on computer games, but the younger ones were all in.
      I think I have succeeded…the outcome is still to be found =)
      Wishing you $ucce$$ – Orion

  7. Hi Orion,
    I love this article. I so agree about using playtime to help build the strategic and social – and creative- skills our children are going to need in their lives as adults.
    I noticed in the reply to did above this comment, that your daughter is now building a blog, too. How exciting! What a fantastic idea.
    I’m going to talk the idea over with a couple of my grandkids to see if they have an interest! What a great gift for them if they do, and a terrific sharing time as they learn.


    1. Hi Annie,
      Thank you for your comment, and yes this is great sharing time between my daughter and I, plus she is building herself a future, not only financially but also a great skill she can use in the future!
      Wishing you $ucce$$

  8. Really interesting article. It makes me think of a couple things, one being how we need to bring play into our work. Would you agree that it is so important to success that we enjoy our businesses? For the first couple years of working online, I spent most of my time stressing and trying to force things that weren’t working, rather than looking for ways to enjoy my business. I’ve only recently begun to realize, “What if I could build an online business, make money doing it, and have it be fun!? I’m now focusing on work that I enjoy and letting go of work that I don’t. It is so freeing! Also, I would love to see my kids build their own online businesses. There have been a couple of times I’ve been stuck with “techie” or design issues that they’ve fixed in no time flat. It’s pretty incredible what they are capable of.

    1. I so agree with you Stefanie, enjoying our online journey and our work at home is so important.
      Otherwise, why do it in the first place!?
      So keep on doing the things that make you happy in your business, that is great!
      As for children, yes they are by far more adaptable to techie stuff than us “oldies” and can teach us a lot of things.
      My daughter (13 y.o.) just build a new website following Wealthy Affiliate’s certification course and she has made a beauty of it – really – I am not exaggerating – surprised tow take into consideration that she has been in an English speaking country only 1 year, she is going through the Wealthy affiliate Certification course without even MY help!!! That gets me every time!! If you’d like to see her site (honestly I have not helped her out at all!) here is her link: would love to know what you think =)
      Wishing you $ucce$$ – Orion

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