The Best SEO Keyword Research Tool – Review

Looking for The Best SEO Keyword Research Tool is tricky if you don’t know what you are looking for!

You need to know what you need first before investing precious time and money in a program.

A program you can trust and know that it will give you REAL facts and figures.

And you are wondering which one to try? which one to trust? which one is REALLY the best?
Searching for the best SEO keyword research tool can be as enigmatic as searching for the keywords themselves!

What You Should LOOK OUT For?

The Best SEO Keyword Research Tool - Review

When looking at the various programs on the market, there are a lot of programs that give you data and numbers but don’t really give you real-life accurate comparisons.

A few things you should watch out for when looking for and buying an SEO keyword research tool:

  1. Anything that you need to INSTALL
  2. Anything that provides PPC guestimates
  3. Anything that uses Alexa as the key factor in determining competition
  4. Anything that requires several searches to accomplish a singular task
  5. Tools that don’t pull results from ALL search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, AltaVista etc).

These factors usually indicate that these programs are low-grade keyword research tools. It doesn’t take long to realize that these programs line their pockets providing users with absolutely useless data and are incapable of getting at the meaningful data.

What You Should REALLY Look For?

Here I would like to save you a lot of time and especially a confusing headache, and introduce you to Jaaxy – the best SEO keyword research tool on the market today! Why?

Well, it is very simple, Jaaxy is an SEO keyword research tool that was designed BY marketers FOR marketers! Who else would best know what you need but a fellow online marketing colleague?

When doing research on my niches, there are really only THREE metrics that I care about to get traffic to my sites…

  • How much competition does the keyword have
  • How much traffic does the keyword get
  • Does the keyword make sense?

The last one is based on “common sense”, the first two are metrics that Jaaxy ACCURATELY captures and that I have yet to see any other keyword tool efficiently gather.

Keywords that have low competition and get a good amount of traffic are SEO ready and if you can find them, you can literally take over the search engines simply by creating some content or a video that is relevant to that keyword.

Sound easy? That is because it is, but ONLY if you have this data….

So What Is Jaaxy?

The Best SEO Keyword Research Tool - Review

Simply put, Jaaxy is a professional SEO keyword research tool that enables you to search, brainstorm and sort any and all the keywords you can think of.

It has an “Alphabet Soup” option, has saved list option, and a search analysis option.

More than that, it has a Google, Bing & Yahoo ranking statistic tool, that enables you to see your page rankings and site rankings.

Jaaxy has three membership levels: Jaaxy Free, Jaaxy Pro & Jaaxy Enterprise.

Here is a short video that I prepared to better show you how it works and how wonderful it really is!

Jaaxy Enterprise

Jaaxy enterprise is the top of the TOP! It is THE tool for the serious online marketer, what can be called a “Power User”. Jaaxy Enterprise gives you all that Jaaxy Pro & Jaaxy Free gives you but more!

It has 5x the speed in searches. Provides you with 5x multi-threaded searches, which is important when you are comparing several options on a keyword string.

It has unlimited keyword lists and automated QSR and domain searches.

You are probably wondering what is QSR!? And there are other acronyms that Jaaxy introduces that, if you are a serious online marketer, you need to get to know!

  • QSR – Quoted Search Results – the number of competing websites ranked in Google for the exact keyword you are searching. So naturally, the lower it is the better. The recommended low average is anything below 300 is really good!
  • SEO – In Jaaxy, this is the score based on traffic and competition, the higher the score, the more likely you will rank for this keyword on the first page (scale 1=100, higher = better).
  • AVG – The average number of searches this keyword receives per month
  • Traffic – Visits to your website if you achieve first-page ranking in the search engines

Did I mention that you also get a list of the available domains for each particular keyword?

This is a great tool to look for cool and keyword-able website names!

Finding The $$$ Making Keyword – SIMPLIFIED!

The Best SEO Keyword Research Tool - Review

One of my biggest fears, when I started out, was the fear that the niche I chose was going to have too much competition.

This is an assumption built on a LACK OF KEYWORD KNOWLEDGE! And I have learned SO much since then!

To be quite honest with you, now my biggest worry is that I will never have the time to get to all of the “NO COMPETITION” niches out there!

I have so many keywords, so many ideas, and so many niches that I know I can create a full-time income from. I suppose that is a good problem to have =).

I can create successful campaigns “at will” because I know how to find an unbelievable amount of keywords within a niche because when you have access to a tool like Jaaxy you can uncover things that no other keyword tool can access.

I would like to give you a few quick examples here in niches that I can assure you I don’t know anything about, “Concrete grinders” and “Pension plans”.

I am going to aim to find keywords that have less than 300 total competing pages in Google (in all of the world), and keywords that get traffic, and they MUST make sense and be grammatically correct.

Here I went for “Concrete Grinders” – not your everyday common search niche…

The Best SEO Keyword Research Tool - Review


See how in one single search I have come up with great keywords all under 300 in the QSR listing and great SEO rating! I can take any of the suggested keyword combination and gain a great advantage with this insight!

Here is another niche that I am “currently far” from – Pension Plans

The Best SEO Keyword Research Tool - Review
Now here I have again a great list of word combinations that have great QSR and SEO.

What I have added here is the right-hand column where you can see what domains are available for each keyword – should you be looking for a catchy website name!

And just like that, I have more than 8 pension plans keywords that are going to work brilliantly for my website…

In fact, I could probably target these search terms on my website here as people that are looking into some sort of money making activity when pension looms on their “doorstep” and they are likely also interest in products like and that can help them build a business online (and during their retirement).

Anyways, this proves the efficiency of Jaaxy. In two searches and less than ONE MINUTE (literally), I have enough keywords to drive two brand new campaigns, in niches I know nothing about.

This sort of research would take HOURS manually and use other tools if you could even capture this sort of data (Jaaxy Enterprise is really that awesome!)

What Jaaxy Plan Fits Your Budget?

The Best SEO Keyword Research Tool - Review

I have just barely brushed the surface of what Jaaxy can do.

As mentioned at the beginning there are brainstorming (niche finding) functions, the ability to find easily where your sites are ranked in Google (what page am I on?), find affiliate programs, analyze your competition’s websites, create keyword lists…and so much more.

And as mentioned too, there are three levels of memberships with Jaaxy, from the bodacious Jaaxy Enterprise to the Jaaxy Starter which is free.

So there is a Jaaxy plan for any budget, from someone just starting out, to someone that understands the importance of SEO keyword research, to the power user.

To help you compare here is a simple table detailing the 3 plans:

The Best SEO Keyword Research Tool - Review
Choose the Jaaxy That Suits YOU Here!

My Personal Recommendation

Choose Jaaxy Enterprise if you are a power user (someone who doesn’t like to waste time) and if you want the ultimate brilliance, I suggest you go for that option!

If you are a little unsure and you want to get your “feet wet” using Jaaxy, try the free version.

It is limited, but with 30 free searches, it will give you a good idea of what to expect.

If you are starting out and on a limited budget, Jaaxy Pro still rocks. It will save you hours per day off of your keyword research and still has most of the functions within Enterprise, it just isn’t nearly as “quick”.

As this tool is web-based so you can access it from anywhere that you have an Internet connection, including your phone.

I do a search in Jaaxy when in line at stores or waiting at appointments, it stores all of your search histories so you can use it to store your ideas!.

Ready to start your own personal research Jaaxy? Use the keyword research box below.

Get Your Site ranking with  Jaaxy today, your Online Business will thank you!





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10 thoughts on “The Best SEO Keyword Research Tool – Review

  1. Finding a correct keyword is such an important part of writing an article, in simple words correct keyword is the key to traffic. Before i started using jaaxy i really struggled with keyword search, but jaaxy makes everything simple and really fast. You don’t have to buy premium even tho it has some benefits, but for the start try the free version and i’m sure you will like it.

    1. Hi, thanks for dropping by, yes Jaaxy is THE tool for keywords, and yes the free membership is a really good way to get to know how wonderful it is. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants/needs a good keyword research tool! It is a must if you have an online business!

  2. The success of online marketing not only depends upon writing contents but writing contents using the right keywords. Initially, when I started blogging I had struggled to find such a nice tool. Jaaxy has made my life very simple. Now I know which key work has the potential to generate traffic and ranking on Google.Though they have the free version available I will always recommend buying premium service to people looking forward to establishing own successful online business.

    1. Hello Arun, thanks for dropping by, yes Jaaxy is the best tool out there on the web! And I agree, though there is the free version, I highly recommend to anyone who is serious about building their online business to invest in the premium service!
      Wishing you good luck on your journey!
      Cheers – Orion

  3. I can’t agree more that not all SEO keyword programs give you accurate comparisons. I think because of this people are being fed false readings and thinking they are ranking when they are not.

    I like your recommendation on the Jaxxy Keyword tool. I’ve been using it for over a year and have seen many page 1 rankings JUST from targeting keywords with low competition.

    Thanks for this, I know you’ll help a lot of people so good job.

    1. Thanks Brandon for dropping by, and yes you are right, Jaaxy is by far, way above all the other keyword search engines!

      Wishing you good luck with your affiliate journey!
      Cheers – Orion

  4. Yeah, I’d definitely say that jaaxy is certainly worth. it. It’s an amazing value for the things that it gives you. My only regret is that I didn’t find it sooner. Certainly recommend it. Like someone else mentioned, even the free version is worth it so no reason to not at least try it out.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Jasmere, yes Jaaxy is a very important tool if one is serious about his/her ranking on the internet!
      The free version certainly justifies its quality – and the paid version is just more of the great tool that it is!
      I love checking the site ranking option there – it helps me work on my articles and better position them!
      What a tool!
      Cheers – Orion

  5. Hello friend,

    I’m just impressed about this keyword tool and what it can do. Wow, knowing your competition for each keyword you use is very important because it helps you to easily get ranked.

    And not just that, as you said it can also show you the amount of traffic you get to your website for a particular keyword. That is classic.

    Above all, I like the fact that you said Jaaxy can also be used to check your ranking in Google Yahoo and Bing.

    I’m going to try it now and see how it really works myself.

    Thank a lot for sharing this with me.


    1. Hello Stephen, 

      Thank you for your comment, yes Jaaxy is a very useful and in-depth tool to use to get yourself ranking on google.

      Wishing 4 Your $ucce$$


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