Understanding What is a Keyword Search Tool For

Have you decided to build your own website and do your own SEO actions?(Search Engine Optimization).


You probably have heard about the “buzz” word – “keyword search tool” but wondering What is a Keyword s Search Tool for?

How can it help you in your ranking? How do you use a keyword search tool? What do you need to look for when looking for the right keyword search tool?

Of course,  you understand the meaning of the words, you possibly have build a great website and yet keywords, and the “search” for them elude you?

Yes, keyword search tools are many and varied, and some are more cumbersome than others.

Some cost a lot of money, some are free, some are priced OK but don’t make any sense!

So how do you choose? How do you know what to get? Where to go? What top keywords search tool will really help you?

Understanding What is a Keyword Search Tool For

Understanding What is a Keyword Search Tool For

Well in order to answer that question you need to first understand what is a keyword search tool.

Keywords search tool is a software that should, by all standards, give you the ability to judge whether the combination of words you have chosen to place in your title, and your content, have any competition in the world wide web and, how much of this competition is there.

Also, it should give you statistics on how many searches have been made on these words combination, and what is the probable benefit, or disadvantage, in using these words.

Ideally, keywords search tools should also enable to you to see similar word combination, giving you more ideas to use, add, or change.

How Can They Help You In Building Your Website

When you build your content in your website you want people to read it of course! why else would you want to put it out there right? =)

Content gets ranked in search engines in accordance to relevance, searches made by people on certain keyword combination (keywords) and website activity, whether the site receives any comments, and whether these comments are replied to and conversations can evolve from these.

The more active and relevant a website, the better the ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

You should remember that Google holds about 2/3 of the search dominance in the world wide web! Bing and Yahoo hold the remaining 1/3 between the two. So the guiding ranking “king” is Google!

What is SEO?

Understanding What is a Keyword Search Tool For

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the name for the activity on a website that improves its rankings through search engines.

Google looks for pages with relevance and authority and displays the ones with the most links which are considered relevant.

It is the quality of links from other web pages that measure the sets the authority.

So, to put it simple, your web content needs to be of good quality, to create your authority on the subject, niche or product you are writing about, then through other pages/posts linking to them, Google ranks your web pages.

That’s where keywords search tools come in handy, to write good relevant, QUALITY content you need for your website

And that is where I want to introduce you to Jaaxy – the Top Keywords Search Tool on the web!

Why Jaaxy?

Understanding What is a Keyword Search Tool For

Well, simply put, Jaaxy is a keywords search tool for affiliate marketers designed by affiliate marketers themselves, so they designed it to what they need, which is exactly what you need!

It has all the powerful search technology needed for any SEO out there.

t gives you average search counts, traffic averages, number of actual website in the whole entire world that have your keywords and ranks it accordingly, it has SEO ranking and also give you an indication of what domains are still available to those keywords!

Aside from all this, it has analytics, your site rank, and aside from suggesting relevant keywords along your search, it has a “brainstorm” option to further get your imagination going!

Basically, it has everything you ever need in one package! You can’t go wrong with it!

Comparing Some Keyword Tools

You can go and compare the various kind of keywords search tools on the web, or maybe you already have done so. to give you some ideas:

  1. Google Adwords – is pay per click and leads you down a long line of windows before you get to understand you have to set up your ads for pay per click campaign! Where’s the tool?
  2. Keyword Tool – gives you only 3 columns the last one giving you only Google’s competition, no brainstorm, no statistics, no ranking.
    Understanding What is a Keyword Search Tool For
  3. The Hoth could not even find my search term – meaning it has VERY limited range of keywords to deal with. If you are a serious content writer, this just won’t do!
  4. Word Stream – nice and neat, but relies on giving you only the Google competition, and definitely not enough information to build a comprehensive decision on!
    Understanding What is a Keyword Search Tool For
  5. Jaaxy

    – If you look closely, you will see all the details you will ever need to form an informed decision as to the best keywords to use, how they rank, you can save them to lists, you can brainstorm, you can see your site rank, and a lot more!
    Understanding What is a Keyword Search Tool For

The great thing with Jaaxy is that they give you 30 searches free upon signing up and that give you plenty of searches to form your opinion about the quality of the product.

It’s worth every penny. I was convinced by my 12th search…yeah, I know, I am stubborn, could have come to the same conclusion by the 3rd search, but really wanted to make sure!

So if you are an Affiliate Marketer, a blogger or a private website owner who wants and needs traffic to their website Jaaxy is the tool for you!

My Conclusion

No matter what Keyword search tool you use, you need to know your options and how it will best serve you.

I personally recommend you Jaaxy, as it has so many more functions available, and without fail I succeed in getting my posts to rank using Jaaxy!

So to get your site ranking great, click here to join Jaaxy for free! I know You won’t regret it!

I you have a great experience with other programs that you might recommend, please leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you – and we can compare!








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4 thoughts on “Understanding What is a Keyword Search Tool For

  1. Hi Orion, thanks for your fab post. You summed up the benefits of Jaaxy really well. And I really appreciate the comparisons to other keyword search tools. Jaaxy is on my wish list, not only for their superior keyword research but also, as you mentioned, for their nifty ranking tool. I haven’t found anything out there that does the same job, giving me accurate results with no pesky ads

    1. Glad you liked it Lauren, that is right I did not find any keywords search tool that even comes near Jaaxy! And that’s why I recommend it to all online marketers.



  2. Just started blogging not too long ago and don’t know much about keyword tools here. Someone advice me to use Google Keyword Planner because it’s free. I am finding it hard to interpret the data and couldn’t really find a good tutorial to teach me how to use it effectively.

    You mentioned that it’s for pay-per-click. Does it mean that you can’t use it for writing regular blog posts? Thank you.

    1. Hi Cathy, thanks for your feedback. Being new to the field of blogging can be overwhelming when looking for keywords and understanding how it all works etc.

      PPC is a common way of using certain keywords and promoting your posts/website with them. Of course you can blog and use Google Keyword Planner to find the keywords that may be appropriate for you, just the features provided are not in-depth enough to get the “whole” picture of the particular words or combination of words you are looking for.

      Remember that as a Wealthy Affiliate premium member you have access to the keyword tool which is free and is a down sized version of Jaaxy, it is very useful and is based on the database as Jaaxy, but with less features, it is still a very useful tool for keyword search for QSR & SEO ratings.

      However, when you get more in to blogging and feel more confident on the path you are on as a marketer, then  I recommend Jaaxy, as it has all the tools you will ever need as a blogger/marketer and much more.

      Hope this helps you out.



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