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Work Life Balance, Getting a Grip on Your Home Life & Your Business

How Your Home Life Can Affect Your Business

You don’t have to be a professional juggler to get a good Work Life Balance, though sometimes you might feel like you are letting all the balls fall down!

Getting some perspective on your life, however small it may be, can be a great help.

Sometimes it’s a tiny adjustment that can make the whole difference!

This contributed article discusses how your Work Life Balance or lack of can affect your business when you are working “outside” your home, but….

Whether you’re a work from home mom, or you’re a successful entrepreneur that spends many hours away from home, you work hard and you want every possible factor in your life that could affect your business to go smoothly.

Finding your Work Life Balance is imperative for the well-being of both.

Examples to Consider

Things like the condition of your car need to always be up to scratch so that you can be on time, and even dietary factors come into play too.

Did you know that many successful business owners comment on how much their home life affects their business?

Studies show that a happier and organized home life reflects well on a business.

So here are some facts about how your home life can affect the running of your business, and how you can smooth things over if needed, so to get a Work Life Balance.


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Family life

Homes that have children are more likely to be hectic, and that’s just a fact of life.

Things can be made harder, however, when one or more of your children is struggling either with a disability or in their personal lives at school.

The worry that your child is okay can seriously affect your business, but of course, it’s more important to you as well that your child is happy and healthy.

If your children fit the bill as above in some way, there are steps that you could take to kill two birds with one stone.

work life balance

How Can You Have Both?

Have a happy child and a successful business! Take a look at these ideas:

  • If your child has a disability, consider hiring extra help for them so that on those occasions where you can’t be there to encourage and help them, they are still getting the support that they need. While many public schools offer a wide range of help for some disabilities, sometimes it’s simply not enough.
  • If you feel like the school is the problem, then why not consider moving your child to a more suitable school? There are a plethora of schools that cater to children with difficulties, and you may find that your child fits in easier at a different school.
  • As a business owner, you have the ability to bend the rules a little for yourself, it’s one of the perks of the job. Wherever possible, why not change your working hours so that you can be there full time to support your children in any way possible and have the best of both worlds?

Many business owners comment on how getting the balance between home life and work life can be difficult, and it is a skill that’s not easily picked up.

You’re torn between spending time with your wonderful family, and also working as hard as you can to provide for them.

However, working too much can cause you to become burnt out, and quickly too. It’s important to make sure that you’re taking the time to be away from work so that you can relax and rejuvenate.


work life balanceRelationships

It’s not just your children that can affect your concentration at work either.

If you’re having trouble in your own relationship with your spouse it can greatly affect your ability to stay on track.

For the sake of your relationship and your business, sign you both up for some relationship counseling to see if you can work through your issues together!

Another bonus about being away from the office for a short time is that it gives you more clarity on situations that you’re dealing with at work.

You’re probably always looking at ways to improve how your business runs and everything in between.

Being at home can give you the chance to check out fabulous business tips online with websites like and clue yourself up on ways of improving your own business.


work life balancePhoto by Autumn Goodman on Unsplash

Your health

The way that you’re treating your body could be having a serious adverse effect on your business.

While you may not feel like cooking when you get home from a long day, binging out on junk food isn’t going to do you any favors either.

Did you know that junk food releases chemicals into your brain which then make you feel unhappy, or even depressed?

It upsets the chemical balance in your brain which obviously can affect your performance within your business.

Take a look at these ideas on how you can lead a healthy lifestyle without having to spend hours each day cooking:

  • Create a rota for you and your spouse to cook dinner so that you can have some time off. Make sure that you’re both cooking nutritious foods so that you’re not risking your health and your business.
  • If the above option isn’t possible, then consider taking some time on a day where your schedule is more open and preparing some meals to simply warm through on your busier days. Bulk cooking foods like curry, lasagne, chili, pasta bakes, and even roast dinners can save you so much time on those days where you’re tired, yet still, give you a healthy meal.
  • Make sure that you’re taking lunch to work with you so that you’re not tempted to run to the shop on your lunch break and grab potentially unhealthy foods.
  • Avoid snacking on treats and sweets that might be lying around the workplace. If you’re feeling hungry, keep an apple or other bits of fruit so that you’re not snacking on anything that’s not good for you.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day, as a hydrated mind will work much better than one that needs more water. You can buy water bottles with indicators on how much you’ve consumed, and they’re a great way of making sure you’re drinking enough water.

Also, take a look at these other ways that you can improve your health and therefore work more efficiently in the office:

  • Make sure that you’re also taking time away from your computer if you work with one. Too much time spent looking at a screen is bad for your eyes and can induce headaches. It also gives you the chance to clear your mind so that you can return working and be more productive.
  • Consider redecorating the office to a more professional look. The best kind of offices include light and airy colors, no distractions, a good airflow, and also lighting that doesn’t glare into your eyes. Studies have proven that this kind of environment will ensure that you and any members of staff are working at the best level.


Photo by Jordan Bauer on Unsplash

 work life balanceSleep

When you’ve got a thousand and one things running through your mind, it can be hard to drift off early enough to get a good night of sleep.

Throw in a few visits from the children in the night and an early wake-up call, and you’re one tired mama.

Sleep is essential for allowing your brain and body to rest, so you need to be taking all necessary steps to making sure you’re getting the best night sleep possible:

  • Consider listening to some sleep hypnosis recordings when you get into bed. They talk you through ways of truly relaxing your body and more often than not, you fall asleep very quickly and end up not remembering what the hypnosis has said. They are a proven and effective way of helping people get more sleep, so it’s definitely worth a go.
  • Cutting out alcohol a few hours before bed will allow your body to release and tension it’s built up and drift off into a more comfortable sleep. Many people make the mistake of using alcohol to fall asleep and while it can work, it’s not good for your health. If at all possible, cut out alcohol altogether to see if that’s what’s keeping you awake at night.
  • Speak to your Gp about your problems with sleeping. More often than not, people are pushing down problems in their brain without even realizing it, and this is what keeps you awake at night. They may prescribe some counseling or even a herbal remedy that will help you fall asleep.
  • Do more exercise throughout the day. If your job isn’t very active, then it might simply be the case of your body not using up enough energy to fall asleep. Not only will you sleep much better, but you will become fitter in the process too!
  • If you know what’s troubling you, consider writing down your worries in a journal or even a piece of paper before getting into bed. Many people swear by this technique as it allows the brain to relax without risking forgetting something important.

Take a look at your home life and see if there’s anything in this article that could help you improve yourself, and therefore improve your business.

Remember, if you’re feeling completely hopeless and are struggling to cope, your first port of call should always be your GP as you may be suffering from anxiety or depression.

Work life balance

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4 thoughts on “Work Life Balance, Getting a Grip on Your Home Life & Your Business

  1. A very well done blog explaining what life is really all about. Thank you. You are showing all that honesty works on the internet. You must have learned the internet at the WA University.
    Thank you for your time, Tom.

    1. WA University is one of the best Universities online! Yes! Of course that is where I have learned all that I am doing today online.
      And through it learned how to balance work and home life.
      Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment.
      Wishing you $ucce$$ – Orion

  2. Having a work-life balance has to do with a holistic approach like you mentioned, work, kids, husband/wife, health, sleep.

    In my case, I also include spirituality, finances, and social life/leisure time.

    And once a month I try to do an assessment of each area. What’s working and what’s not? How am I going to improve? And so on.

    It’s incredible how much this helps not only the specific area but my life as a whole. After all, it’s all connected, right?

    Thanks for bringing up this topic, Orion. I just realized it’s time to do that assessment again.


    1. That is a great idea Eliane, now you have given me a point to consider.
      Doing an assessment of each point in our lives once a month is something that can be so helpful for each one of us.
      I certainly will adopt this – I think its great!
      Thank you for leaving a comment and for this advice.
      Wishing you $ucce$$ – Orion

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